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Building brands


We love to convert ideas to pixels at the same time also love to be there from the laying stones to your own sky scrapers.


Originality unleashed


We not only create out-of-the-box pixels but add a whole lot of creativity and a pinch of fun to them.


Creating online presence


Want to create your online presence? Look no further, years of experience is ready to take your ideas to the moon.

Cook in both, CMYK & RGB

Feast your eyes with cheesy designs

No wonder you are here because you either want to launch your business or want your already amazing business to flourish even more or get your pet a nice online portfolio :P.

You need not look any further for designs to drool over. We at IC have a hunger to work with ambitious and dreamy people. No matter what your needs are, IC has all the ingredients to cook the right feast for you.

Let’s grab a coffee or maybe some garlic bread and discuss further.

A notch above creative agency

Straight from the IC labs

A few artworks that were cooked in our labs. At IC we strive to deliver quality with innovation on both print as well as digital canvas

Gopesh Gaur – Business Card
businesscard home-portfolio
Geek hacker coder poster
home-portfolio icw poster
Development conference poster
home-portfolio icw poster
Aurum poster 3
home-portfolio icw poster
Aurum poster 2
home-portfolio icw poster
Cooked with love

Latest Keystrokes from IC

Stitching words in a sentence is a wizardry in itself.
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Performing our social duties by

Helping them live a better life

We strongly believe in the fact that sharing is caring. Extending our help to those who need it is not only our social duty but also one of the biggest reason behind Innovative Chamber’s existence.

We donate in upwards of 10% of our earnings to people in need. Helping people who are not able to meet their ends motivates us to work harder to help them even more.

Let’s join hands and help the community.